CA Articleship Interview Questions With Answers

If you are going for a CA Articleship interview then you must prepare yourself well so that you are able to crack your interview. Therefore, we bring to you CA Articleship interview questions and answers that can be used as reference. Go through these CA Articleship interview questions and answers that give you an idea and help you prepare better.

We have included some of the most common Articleship Interview Questions for which you must always prepare an answer. Glance through these CA Interview Questions and Answers for a quick prep.

List of CA Articleship Interview Questions and Answers

Q1. Why should our company hire you?

Ans. If you are going to hire me then I am never going to disappoint you. This job will give me a chance to showcase my skills and I will make sure that whatever targets have been set for me, I am able to fulfil them all with my hard work and within the time frame.

Q2. What do you expect from this job?

Ans. I will get an opportunity to expose myself to the professional world. This will help me learn various things that I haven’t actually read in the books. I will be working on challenging projects and will gain professional experience.

Q3. How good at you at working under pressure?

Ans. I think I can handle pressure well because even when the situation is tense, I do not lose my calm. I never let the adversity or challenges affect my focus on my goals and work.

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Q4. What is your biggest strength?

Ans. I am an optimistic person who is quick to grab things.

Q5. What is more important to you- Company or Money?

Ans. Company is always more important to me and that’s the reason I am here. During my Articleship, I want to learn new things and with a good company like yours, I know that I will have so much more to learn.

Q6. How many attempts it took you to finish your CA Final?

Ans. Share the number of attempts you took in order to qualify your CA Final.

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Q7. You have failed four times in a row then why should we hire you and not someone who has been a rank holder?

Ans. Yes, I have failed four times but despite the failures that I faced, I did not give up on my dream to pursue and clear CA. Of course, a rank holder is more intelligent and has better knowledge than me but I am really hard working and focused when it comes to my goals and my passion.

No matter what the question is, always answer it with confidence and don’t let your nervousness show on your face or body language. Whatever answers you give, you must be affirmative about them.

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