Top 10 Chartered Accountant (CA) Technical Interview Questions

The key to crack any interview is preparation and if you are going to sit for an interview for CA then you much follow the CA interview tips along with Chartered Accountant interview questions. There are interview questions for CA articleship, CA trainee interview questions and technical questions for CA interview. Based on your requirement, you can prepare yourself with Chartered Accountant (CA) interview questions and answers that can help you deliver a better performance.

In this post, we have come up with a list of 10 technical questions for CA interview. Have a look at these chartered accountant job interview questions that take your preparations to another level.

Most Important Technical Questions for CA Interview

Question 1. Explain the responsibilities and roles of a CA in a company.

Question 2.What do you understand by the term accounts payable cycle?

Question 3. Define periodic and perpetual inventory systems.

Question 4. Name the accounting entries that you will be passing in branch accounts.

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Question 5. Define the term marginal cost.

Question 6. What is offset accounting?

Question 7. At present, name the number of accounting standards that are published.

Question 8. What is an inactive account and what is a dormant account?

Question 9. What is the difference between auditing and accounting?

Question 10. How important are statistics in accounting?

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