Top 10 Fresher CA Interview Questions and Answers

It is always a good idea to prepare yourself with CA fresher interview questions and answers if you soon going to be facing an interview. These interview questions and answers for fresher CAs are extremely helpful in preparing you for the interview that you are soon going to be witnessing.

If you are thinking what all questions are to ask a chartered accountant then we have come up with a list of Fresher CA interview questions and Answers. Not just that these fresher Chartered Accountant Interview Questions come with answers so that you can boost your preparations. Have a look at these fresher CA interview questions and answers right here. Click here to Chartered Accountant (CA) Interview Questions and Answers pdf free download for freshers

Important Fresher CA Interview Questions and Answers

1. Tell us something about yourself.

I have completed my schooling from ABC and after that I decided to pursue CA. For my articleship, I was selected at the firm named XYZ where I worked for three years in Internal Audit, Statutory Audit and Tax Audit as I covered different facets from vouching up to the process of finalization.

2. What made you apply with our company?

Your organization has always been one of the most preferred choices amongst CA freshers as it gives them an exposure to learning in a professional setting.

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3. What are your strengths?

I am a hard working and punctual individual. Whatever goals I set for myself, I pursue them with the best of my abilities and dedication.

4. How can you add value to our organization?

The last company that I worked with I was able to use technology to make the every day working a lot easier by using my MS Office skills. I always look forward at making the day to day working easier for everyone by using the technology that is available to us and this certainly helps a company in so many ways.

5. What have your learned about our company?

I have visited your website and I found out that you are one of the most reputed companies in the industry which has grown with the changing times. You have evolved and have contributed to the industry with your wide range of services.

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6. Share with us a difficult situation that your faced in your last company and how did you handle it.

In my previous job, I came across a strict deadline for the audit which was practically not possible to meet but I used my MS Office skills to organize everything with my team and complete the process of audit within the defined limits.

7. What are your weaknesses?

I personally feel that I am a workaholic. Any job that is given to me, I get deeply involved in it and work on it with the best of my efforts to bring out the results. Due to this sometimes my health takes a backseat which of course is not a good thing.

8. Where do you expect yourself to be in the next five years?

During my articleship, my experience revolved mostly around audit. Therefore, I see myself involved in work areas that are related with taxation. I would want to learn more about taxation and due diligence as this will be extremely helpful for me to excel in this area.

9. Are you comfortable working at night shifts?

I am here to learn and therefore, time is really not a concern for me. I am open to work at night shifts.

10. Do you intend to apply for other jobs?

Yes, I am considering a few more opportunities that match my areas of interest.

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