Chartered Average Accountant Salary in India – CA Monthly Salary

The Chartered Accountants salary in India is subjective to the experience, skills and capabilities of the CA. Talking about the chartered average accountant salary in India, it ranges between the bracket of 6 lakhs to 30 lakhs depending upon various factors and if the CA is employed with international CA firms then international packages go up to 75 lakhs.

In this post, we have made an attempt to highlight the chartered accountant salary in India based on different grounds to help you give an idea of the CA salary in India per month as well as share average salary of CA in India.

Starting Salary of CA in India

The starting salary of CA in India is around 6 lakhs as you have no experience. Mostly employee salary for the first five years ranges between 6 to 7 lakhs.

Chartered Accountant Salary after 5 years

If you possess an experience of more than 5 years then the average salary for CA will fall somewhere around 12 lakhs.

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Chartered Accountant Salary in India in one month

The salary of a CA in one month is around 50,000 if you are a fresher and if you possess an experience of 5 years and above then it is around 1 lakh. The CA Salary in India per month 2020 for those with experience of over 10 years is around 1.5 lakhs.

Salary of CA Topper Per month in India

If you are a CA topper in India then your per month salary would be somewhere between 3,50,000 to 4,00,000 per month which comes to around 42 lakh to 48 lakh per year.

Highest Salary of CA in India

Talking about the highest salary of CA in India, it is very much in relation with the experience and skills and falls in the bracket of 60 lakh to 70 lakh.

Chartered Accountant Salary in Chennai

If you are a CA and you are employed in Chennai then your salary is expected to be around 8.5 lakh because salaries of Chartered Accountants are also subjective to the cities.

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CA Salary in India per month for freshers

The per month salary of CA in India if you are a fresher is a figure around 50,000. This means that CA salary in India for freshers for a year is around 6 lakh.

If you are a CA fresher in India then the average bracket of salary as a fresher would be somewhere around 6 lakh to 7 lakh per annum.

CA Salary in India after 10 years

If you possess an experience of over 10 years practicing as a Chartered Accountant then you can expect a salary of around 20 lakh per year in India.

Chartered Accountant Salary after 5 years

For CAs who have an experience of over 5 years in their profession, the salary bracket for them would fall between 10 lakh to 20 lakh every year.

Newly Qualified Chartered Accountant Salary

For newly qualified Chartered Accountants in India, the starting salary is approximately 6 lakh to 7 lakhs but it does depend upon the skills, the company you are joining and your academic performance.

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Chartered Management Accountant Salary in India

The average salary of a Chartered Management Accountant in India is 12 lakh for a year.

 Chartered Accountant Salary in Google India

The highest salary of Chartered Accountant salary in Google India is around 44.5 lakh, the lowest is around 4.5 lakh and the average salary is around 24.5 lakh.

 Chartered Accountant Salary in Accenture India

Talking about the average Chartered Accountant salary in Accenture India, it is approximately 13 to 14 lakhs per annum.

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