Sample Parole Support Letter from Mother Format

When a mother writes a parole support letter to the members of the parole board then it certainly makes a huge difference as no one knows a child better than his or her mother. The only thing to keep in mind while drafting a parole support letter is to draft it in such a way that the parole board gets convinced of approving the parole.

If you are clueless about writing one such letter then we bring to you a sample parole support letter from mother which can certainly help you write an impressive letter.

Template for Parole Support Letter from Mother


Ana Brown

58, Henry Apartments

New York

Date: February 13, 2024


The Parole Board,

New York

Honorable Members of the Parole Board,

I am Ana Brown and I the mother of Mr. John Brown. The purpose of writing this letter is to request you for the release of my son.

I was so proud and happy when my son was born and I still take pride in calling him my child.

I am aware that he has done some terrible things in the past but there is one thing that I know about him and that is he is a sensitive and kind hearted person. He has a beautiful heart and he would never do anything wrong to anyone. In my opinion, he has served his time and now he deserved to come back home and stay with his mother.

I would like to mention here that I am suffering from cancer and I am in the last stage of my life. My health is getting worse with each passing day and I don’t have much time left with me. Therefore, it is not possible for me to come and see my son in the prison but whenever I am in a condition, I do visit him.

I have been told that he has been very sincere and responsible during this stay in the prison. I would be happy to know if my son has any chance of an early release considering his good conduct and my medical condition.

I have lots of family members and friends who are willing to extend their support to my son if he comes back soon. They would be ready to give him a job in their business so that he can make a new start in his life. He has also been missing on the life of his own son who is soon going to turn four but has no memory of his father.

I request you kindly grand me and my grandson another chance to be with my son. Me and my family are going to make sure that he lives a responsible life.

If there is a chance for an early release then please inform me about the same at 9898989898.


Ana Brown

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