Anonymous Cheating Letter [Sample Format]

It is common to see cheating at place of work. One would come across a lot of people who are cheating while they are pretending to be working. But most of the times people do not complaint about them thinking they are coworkers or simply avoiding to be a part of the whole situation.

If you wish to inform the management about something of the sort then you can do so by writing an anonymous cheating letter. In case, you have no idea how to frame an anonymous cheating letter then we bring to you a sample format for the same which you can use for drafting a customized letter to the management.

Format for Anonymous Cheating Letter


Mr. Henry Smith


Zenith Technologies

New York

Sub: Letter of complaint about cheating at work.

Dear Mr. Smith,

The purpose of writing this letter is to bring to your attention about workplace cheating that I came across recently.

One of my coworkers in the marketing department has been forging the expense bills. It was recently that I came across that Mr. Andrew Jacob, my colleague from marketing department, has been forging the expense bills before submitting them with the HR department since long. Every month when he is supposed to be submitting the bills for reimbursement with the HR department, he would add to these bills the bills from his personal expenses as well and have them reimbursed.

Though Mr. Andrew is a wonderful person and he works really hard but he is doing these wrong practices at work from quite some time now. I thought it was my responsibility as a part of this organization to make you aware of this thing. I also believe that there are many other staff members from the department who are also following the same practice.

As they all are colleagues to me, I am unable to reveal my identity but I strongly felt the urge to bring this to your notice. I am addressing this letter just to you hoping that you will take the necessary action to make sure no employee does this kind of a cheating in the company. I have also attached with this letter some proofs of wrong submission of bills.

Thanking you.

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