Sample Parole Support Letter from Family Template

Whenever a family writes a parole support letter for the offender, it makes a difference. Whether it is the father or mother, brother or sister, husband or wife; a parole letter to the parole board by any of the family members makes a significant request.

In this post, we have come up with a sample parole support letter from family which you can use for creating a customized letter to submit with the board. This format for parole support letter from family can help you understand how you can write one such letter for your family member who is in jail.

Format for Parole Support Letter from Family


Richard Smith

58, Henry Apartments

New York

Date: February 05, 2024


The Parole Board,

New York

Honorable Members of the Parole Board,

My name is Richard Smith and I am writing this letter to request you to kindly release my brother, Mr. John Smith, from prison.

John is five years younger to me and after the demise of our parents in the year 2020, I have served as his guardian. Since childhood, I have always been his best friend and his support. He is a wise, intelligent, honest and sensitive person.

Unfortunately, I used to keep busy doing multiple shifts at work to make sure I could give him a good life and amidst all of this, I feel I could not give him the time and support he needed from my end as a family and that is the reason he got involved with the group of young boys who would consume drugs.

I am aware that my brother used to consume drugs but it was all because of the wrong company he was in. Never has he ever been engaged in any kind of other illicit crimes to support this bad habit.

I have been in regular touch with him and I speak to him at least twice every week. He is sincerely feeling bad for his actions and he takes complete responsibility of his actions.

He has also completed his counselling with the Addiction Counselling Drugs Program. He keeps himself occupied by painting and doing pottery.

Once he is out of the prison, he is going to be joining the painting and art workshop in Art Village. He is going to be staying with me and my family from now on. He will get a chance to spend time with my two children and my wife will also be there to support him.

I have also been informed that during this stay in the prison, no charges have been pressed against him which reflect his good behavior in the prison.

I pledge to the members of the parole board that I am always going to be there with him to make sure that he lives a responsible life. He has a wonderful network of friends and colleagues who will also support him in reintegrating back into the society.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at 9898989898 in case of any other information.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Richard Smith

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