Disagreement Letter about a Road Reconstruction

If you have a disagreement about a reconstruction of road then you can always write a letter to the concerned department about it. Make sure that you include the reasons for the disagreement to make your letter more meaningful.

In this post, we have come up with a format for disagreement letter about a road construction that you can use for writing a personalized letter that rightly meets your needs. You can follow this template for disagreement letter about a road construction to create one such letter with confidence.

Format for Disagreement Letter About Road Construction


Richard Smith

54, Hillary Apartments

New York

Date: October 28, 2023


The Officer

Road Construction Department

New York

Sub: Regarding road reconstruction of St. Anthony Street.

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I, Richard Smith, am a resident of Hillary Apartments and I am writing this letter to express my disagreement on road reconstruction of St. Anthony Street which falls in the proximity of my residence.

It is almost every day that I have to cross this road to commute and from last couple of months, this particular road has been in a very bad shape. Whosoever has been commuting from this road is finding it difficult to move and many vehicles must have gotten damaged in this process.

After writing about this to your department, finally the road reconstruction has started but what these people are doing is truly not acceptable. They are not actually reconstructing the road but they are putting cement in patches which means the road is going to get back in the same stage in another few months.

You are requested to please look into matter and make sure that the reconstruction work takes place in a proper manner so that the road is fully repaired and not just temporarily patched.

As the citizen of the country and a responsible tax payer, I want to make sure that our hard earned money is put to the right use and the infrastructure of our city is in a good condition.

Thank you for your time and attention and I am hopeful that you are going to take the right step in this matter.


Richard Smith

54, Hillary Apartments

New York

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