Disagreement Letter on Building a New Prison

The purpose of writing a disagreement letter is to express your disagreement to someone in a formal manner i.e. by writing a letter. If you also do not agree with someone’s actions or opinions, it is wonderful to express your disagreement with the help of a letter.

In this post, we have come up with a format for disagreement letter on building a new prison. You can use this template to create a personalized letter to the concerned department or authority in order to express your disagreement in a better way and make sure that you include the reason for the disagreement to add more weightage to your letter.

Format for Disagreement Letter on Building a New Prison


Richard Smith

54, Hillary Apartments

New York

Date: October 04, 2023


The Officer

Infrastructure Development Authority

New York

Sub: Regarding construction of prison.

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

As you must be aware that the New York Law and Order Association has decided to build a new prison in Marigold area of the city. I am writing this letter to express my disagreement in the construction of prison in that specific area.

The reason for the same is that the area has some kindergarten schools and also a public park. Therefore, lots of families and children can be seen around that area throughout the day. In fact, both my children have their schools in that area and our residence is also very much in the proximity. Constructing a prison in such a location is not a very good idea. Moreover, there is another school coming up in that area. It is always better to have setups like prisons constructed in areas which are not in such localities as it is adversely going to affect the people in that area.

I am hopeful that you are going to understand the concern that I have expressed in this letter and will make sure that authorities reconsider construction of prison in that area.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Richard Smith

54, Hillary Apartments

New York

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