Letter to Potential Clients for Home Restoration Company

In this post, we bring to you examples of letter to Potential Client of home restoration company, letter to potential clients sample and letter to prospective client. Such a letter is written as a proposal to a prospective client to renovate and restore their home. After reading the proposal, the client may reach out for quotations if pleased by the idea and offer.

Letter to Potential Clients of Home Restoration Company

Home Restorers LLC

Shop no. 4, Street no. 78,

California, United States of America

Date: August 25, 2022

Mr. and Mrs. Green

45, Downtown bungalows,

California, United States of America

Subject: Proposal for home restoration

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Green,

I hope this letter finds you well and in good health. I have recently seen your beautiful home. It has a classic Western architecture and looks like it was probably built in the 1910s. It is extremely well maintained and been taken care of.

I have a proposal for you. I would like to offer you a contract to remodel your home into something trendy but with it, retaining the primordial touches and feel of that era. As an architect for posh bungalows, I would be honored to be allowed to work in a beautiful home like yours. If ever given an opportunity, you can rest assured that I will coordinate with you at every step in the way to make this home the way you have wanted. The prices are very much affordable.

If you are interested in the offer, please reach out to us at +1 (123) 456789. We can further discuss about the quotation and the designs.

Thank you.


Harry K

Home Restorers LLC

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