Sample Consent Letter for GST on Stamp Paper Format

When any company intends to carry out the business operations then it should have a registered place that is either leased or is owned. And if the premises are owned by the owner then the company must submit the document while submitting the GST registration which supports the ownership of premises and in case it is a leased premise then the valid lease document is required to be submitted.

Whenever you wish to apply for GST Registration then you must write a consent letter for GST registration. Shared below is the consent letter for GST format that you can use for your situation.

Format for Consent Letter for GST on Stamp Paper

Whoever It May Concern

This is to validate that I, Ramesh Sharma, am the owner of property, F-52, Industrial Area, Delhi, has allowed and authorized Umang Gupta, Proprietor, M/s Mahalaxmi Polymers, to operate and run their business from the address mentioned above.

I also state that I do not have objection if Umang Gupta uses the same address of the premise as the mailing address for his company.

This is a no objection certificate issued for securing a GST Registration.

Property Owner Signature

Business Owner Signature

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