Business Closing Letter to Employees Template, Format

Whenever an employer decides to shut down the business then the same needs to be communicated in a formal manner to all the employees as they are part of the company and they deserve to know it. In order to do so, a Notice of Business Closure to Employees is what you need to frame in order to have it communicated the right way. The business closing letter to customers and clients example have been designed to assist you in communicating this important but difficult message to your employees.

If you don’t have the clue about writing such a letter then you can always seek help from Sample Letter for Office Closing Reason for Business Loss. The Closing Business Letters to Employees Template make it a much easier job to create one such letter.

Sample Letter of Business Closure to Employees

Dear Employees,

We are writing this letter to put forward news that we have decided to shut down Zenith Technologies. It was not easy to take this decision but considering the circumstances, this is the best decision to make.

As you all are aware that we had to face the most difficult times during the pandemic and despite all the hard work and strategies, we have failed to recover from the damages that happened during the pandemic crisis. We also tried arranging for more funds but considering the present situation of the company, we have been unable to find investors who would be interested in putting in more money in our business.

We were extremely fortunate to have employees like you who have always stood by the company even in the most difficult times. It was getting extremely difficult for the company to manage the funds and pay the salaries on time and therefore, as we were not able to work out any solution to this situation, we had to take this difficult call.

We are hopeful that you will understand our crisis. We hope that you are all about to move ahead and shine bright in your career. We will be there to help you and refer you in all ways possible.

Wishing you good luck.


Anthony Smith


Zenith Technologies

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