Shipping Bill for Export of Duty Free Goods Ex-Bond PDF Format

Goods that are exported from a domestic country to any country have to pay Export duty. If the goods are exported by air or by sea, a shipping bill of export has to be submitted by the exporter in a specified format giving the required details mentioned in the free shipping bill scheme. This form is applicable for the export of duty free goods (ex-bond). This shipping bill for export of duty free goods is available online in PDF format. Shipping bill is an important document required by the customs authority to allow shipment of goods. Shipping bill is prepared by the exporter and the following details have to be given by the exporter:

  • The name of the vessel
  • Name of the port of discharge
  • Name of the destination country
  • Exporter’s name and address
  • Packages details like numbers, quantity, details about each case, FOB price, the total number of packages with the weight and value and the name and address of the importer.

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Download Custom Duty Calculation in Excel Format

Custom duty is another form of indirect tax levied on all the goods and services imported and some specific goods exported outside the country. Duties levied on goods imported is known as import duty and duty levied on exported goods is export duty. It is a means of revenue to domestic countries to preventive predatory competition from other countries. If duty is levied based on the value of the goods it is known as valorem duty. If duty is levied based on the weight/quantity it is called specific duty.

How this custom duty is calculated in India?

Custom duties are calculated on valorem or specific duties. This value is calculated based on rule 3(1) of customs valuation. If quantifying or measurable data is not adequate to calculate the custom’s duty, and there are doubts as per Rule 12, then valuation has to be done in a hierarchy which is as follows:

  • Comparative Value Method which compares the transaction value of similar items (Rule 4)
  • Comparative Value Method which compares the transaction value of similar items (Rule 5)
  • Deductive Value Method which uses the sale price of item in importing country (Rule 7)
  • Computed Value Method which uses the costs related to fabrication, materials and profit in production country (Rule 8)
  • Fallback Method which is based on the earlier methods with higher flexibility (Rule 9)

ICEGATE allows e-filing services to clients.

Indian Custom Duty Calculator

The custom duty calculator can be accessed through ICEGATE portal. Enter the HS Code (CTH Code) of the goods to be imported. Description of the product in thirty words is to be given, and then the origin country has to be specified. Select the goods to be imported from the list that matches search criteria. Once selected, you will get access to a dynamic chart with all the information relating to customs duty. Enter values, and the chart will calculate the values automatically and will give you the customs duty to be paid.

You can Download the example of Custom Duty Calculation Sheet in Excel Format.


Letter Format to Sales Tax Department for Reset User id and Password

Submission of sales tax is an important matter, which requires going through specified legalities. Certainly stating, it is a mandatory step in liaison with government rules because every individual has to pay tax levied on the sales of certain good and services. When it comes to the matter of identifying the tax submission dates, every country has its own set off dates. But, many share common dates as March 31st. Now days, with the advancement in technology, the services of sales tax submission are available online too. Every individual or company willing to use the services are required to have login ID and password. In this regard, service tax password declaration form has to be filled by the companies through the website. It saves on quite a lot of time and tends to be a safe option of paying sales tax on immediate basis. Under-mentioned is a letter format meant to specify sales tax login problem.

Request for Resetting Password on Sales Tax Website

Classic Crockery Store,

20th Bridge Kennedy,


Dated: December 22th, 2017


Arjun Reddy,

Sales Manager

Sales Tax Department,


Subject: Request for Resetting Password to Login on Sales Department Website

Respected Sir,

I, Henry Rodgers from Classic Crockery Store, want to submit my Sales Tax online at the website. My company has been regular in submitting sales tax to the Government. Now, I am logging after a year to pay the previous year’s sales tax that has amounted to 10000 rupees at 12% per year. But, there seems to be a problem with the login system. Even after repeated tries, I have failed to login to my account on the website of Sales Tax Department. The reason behind such an issue is that I have forgotten the exact password to login. So, it is a kind request to the Sales Tax Department to revert me with the link to reset the password.

As the last day for submission of sales tax is approaching, it is a humble request to process my email as soon as possible because I want to submit the sales tax well on time. Our crockery store has been paying sales tax without any delay and wish to do the same, this year. I shall be highly obliged to you.


Anup Jalota,

Classic Crockery Store

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Application Format for Paper Verification in CA Final Exam

CA is considered as one of the toughest exams in India. There are times when a student might feel that there are discrepancies in the marks obtained by him. If you are a CA aspirant and have given exams like CPT, IPCC final and want to reevaluate your CA paper then you have to apply for verification in your own writing or on-line.  Students must go through the details of verification as there are many differences between certified copies and inspection. Read to know about CA final verification application format, sample letter for verification of ipcc papers, and application format for rechecking of paper.

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