Support Letter for inmates to be Released Template

Parole support letter is written with an intention to request the parole board members to consider the case and approve for the release of the inmate. Any person from family, friends, wife, coworkers etc. can write a support parole letter to the board stating reasons to support their argument for releasing the inmate.

In this post, we have share below support letter for inmates to be released template which you can use for creating a customized letter for yourself.

Support Letter Format for Inmates to be Released


Julia Roberts

54, Richmond Apartments

New York

Date: January 20, 2024


The Parole Board

New York

Respected Members of Parole Board,

My name in Julia Roberts and I am writing this letter to request you for an early release of my brother, Mr. Henry Roberts.

Henry is three years elder to me and after the death of our father, he has been the protector of our family. He is my best friend and nothing less than a father to me. He is a sensible, honest and hardworking person who has always stood up for the right thing in life.

He regrettably got involved in selling of drugs in order to support his family after losing his job because of recession. I understand that selling and consuming drugs is a crime and he has done an illegal thing for which he has been punished. He has already served one year in jail and has also attended Drug Abuse and Addition Programs there which have certainly helped in get over drugs.

I have been keeping in regular touch with me. We speak at least twice in a week and many a times he has expressed that he is sorry for his actions and nothing of the sort will get repeated again.

I have finished my college and now I am working with an MNC as an Engineer. If Henry gets released early then he is going to stay with our mom and me and we will offer him all the support he needs to get back in life. In fact, his friends have looked for a job for him to begin his career again.

I am hopeful that you will consider his case and will grant him parole. For any additional details, please call me at 9898989898.

Thanking you.


Julia Roberts

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