Last Complaint Letter about Rock Climbers Trespassing Property

If the rock climbers have trespassed your property then you have all the authority to write a complaint letter to them and in case you have done that in the past then you can always write a final and last complaint letter.

In this post, we have come up with a format for the last complaint letter about rock climbers trespassing property. You can use this template for creating a personalized letter that is able to put forward your intention of writing the letter and the complaint.

Format for Last Complaint Letter About Rock Climbers Trespassing Property


Adam Smith

54, Rockford Apartments

New York

Date: October 05, 2023


The Officer

California Forest Department


Dear Sir/ Madam,

I, Adam Smith, am writing you this letter as a last hope to submit my official complaint about the trespassing by the rock climbers in my property. I am the owner of the land which is right next to the cliff which is at the New Way Sea in California and from last couple of weeks, I have been experiencing rock climbers trespassing the property. I have submitted my complaint to the Climb and Adventure Company but they have not acknowledged my concern.

Over the past few months, this cliff has become quite a popular place for rock climbers because of the amazing view it offers. Though there are many sign boards out there stating that rock climbing is forbidden as it is quite a steep and risky cliff to climb on and can cause serious injuries but there is no one to make sure that people follow these sign boards and rules.

What has started to happen now is that the rock climbers are intentionally or unintentionally trespassing my property which is right next to the cliff. They are using it as the base for their rock climbing and have been found to litter around in that area which is certainly not appreciated. It is a private property and no one is allowed to enter it without my permission. The same thing I had mentioned it through my letter to the company which runs various adventure and sports activities in the area.

For your reference, I have also attached with this letter the photographs of the trespassers in my property. I would request you to kindly look into this matter immediately and make sure that the visitors abide by the sign boards that have been placed there. If there is any other help that you need from my end in this regard then you can always call me at 989898988.

Thanking you.


Adam Smith

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