Sample Letter Format to Parole Board from Employee

Even employees can write letter to parole board requesting the board to approve the parole of their coworker. Parole letters from employees surely make a difference as they help in putting forward the reason why you are requesting for parole.

In this post, we have come up with a sample letter to parole board from employee for another employee. You can use this template for writing a personalized letter to the parole board.

Format for Parole Letter to Parole Board from Employee


Ana Smith

54, Richmond Apartments

New York

Date: January 03, 2024


The Parole Board

New York

Respected Members of Parole Board,

I, Ana Smith, am writing this letter to request you for an early release of Mr. Henry Brown.

I have known Henry for last eight years. We started our careers together in Zenith Technologies and together we have progressed in our careers. I have always known him as a hardworking, dedicated, loyal and simple man who always keeps his responsibilities before anything else.

I understand that Henry has been accused of driving car under the influence of alcohol because of which the victim had to undergo a surgery and I am completely against this kind of irresponsible behavior. But at that point in time, Henry was getting over his mother’s death and was very disturbed. He did not realize and drove the car in such a condition.

He is really guilty of his actions. I have been keeping in constant touch with him and he really feels sorry for the accident and for hurting someone on the road.

He has already completed one year of the sentence in the jail and has completed the counselling program that was arranged for him. Even the jail authorities have testified in favor stating that his behavior in the jail has been very good.

I would like to request you to kindly consider the request for his early release, if there is any possibility. After the release, he will be staying with his family members who are going to offer the best of the support to him. He also has a large network of friends who will help reintegrate in the society. In fact, our boss is ready to offer him his previous job once he is back as he was really good at it.

I will also be always there with me and will make sure that such a thing never gets repeated. If you have any other doubts then please feel free to contact me at 9898989898.

Thanking you.


Ana Smith

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