Effective Study Tips for Success in Chartered Accountancy

We all know that becoming a CA is no joke. There are so many of us who are wanting to know how to become a Chartered Accountant after 12th because it is a reputed professional course. Regular classes and self-study are surely the keys that help CA students crack this exam but there are also many challenges that make study for CA a tough nut to crack.

In this post we have come up with some helpful Chartered Accountant study tips that make the dream of becoming Chartered Accountant in India a reality.

Helpful Study Tips for CA Course

If you are pursuing CA or planning to opt for it, you need these study tips for Chartered Accountancy course to pass with flying colours. This works as a complete guide to CA examination when it comes to what things you should be doing.

Study Your Syllabus

  • The first most important thing is to know your syllabus.
  • Find our contents of each paper that you have to take to have an idea about the vastness of course and also its difficulty.

Divide Your Study Time

  • Strictly and clearly define your study time.
  • The best way to go about it is by creating different slots with breaks in between two slots.
  • Study first what you are confident about.
  • Don’t stick with a question if you are not able to solve it. Mark it and move ahead.

Consistent Everyday Studies

  • Consistent studies are must for CA students.
  • Studying everyday for a set number of hours will keep CA motivation high and confidence levels good.
  • Each day select a paper or topics and study them properly.
  • Repetitive study of the same topic might be required to understand it properly and remember it effectively.

Theory and Practical Papers: Equal Attention

  • To be able to crack practical papers, you will need more and more of practice to solve different kinds of problems.
  • To be able to crack theoretical papers, you will need to study topics in detail and revise them again and again so that you are able to by-heart them.
  • Both kinds of papers require equal time and attention along with consistency in studies.

Prepare Notes

  • It is a good idea to create notes while you are studying as they are very helpful when you revise your course.
  • Moreover, when you prepare notes, there are better chances that you will remember what you are writing with your own hands.

Solve Study Modules and Revisionary Tests

  • To strengthen your performance and confidence, you must revise from the study modules and revisionary test papers.
  • They are also important to understand the format of each paper and revision of course.

Practice and Revision

  • The more you practice, better will be your preparation.
  • Once you are done with your course, it is time to revise it.
  • You must at least revise your course two to three times so that you remember everything you have studied and you know your strong and weak areas as well.

Review Progress

  • It is important to keep a track of your progress from time to time.
  • This will help you know your weak areas and strong areas to work in a more focused way.

Stay Updated With Direct, Indirect Taxes Changes

  • It is very important that CA students are always updated with the changes that have been made in direct and indirect taxes by the government.
  • Follow the news regularly to know about these changes.

Always Be Optimistic

  • Your approach in preparation and on the final day matters the most.
  • Don’t let any negative thoughts affect you when you are preparing for your studies or when you are taking the exam.

Strong Preparation Leads to Great Confidence

  • Each hour of study that you put in will add on to your performance and this will make you more confident.
  • Your confidence is very important when you will finally write your exam.

Meditation and Sleep

  • To calm your mind and improve your concentration, it is important that you meditate.
  • Don’t compromise with your sleep because freshness of mind is very important to study well.
  • Taking small naps in between study sessions is again a good way to refresh mind.

So keep these study tips for Chartered Accountancy in mind and you will surely do a lot better.

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How to Become a Chartered Accountant After 12th

Chartered Accountant is a prestigious course to opt for but due to the amount of time and dedication it demands, students are often scared of pursuing it. Compared to other professional courses, CA also takes almost the same time, provided a person clears all the exams in the first attempt itself.

If you are thinking about becoming a Chartered Accountant after 12th then this post provides all sort of information that you are required to know to have a clear road ahead.

Understanding ICAI

Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or ICAI is the professional accounting body of India which regulates this profession. It is not just the regulating authority but also the licensing body for CAs in India.

Eligibility for Becoming a CA

There are two kinds of eligibility criteria for becoming a Chartered Accountant in India:

  • You have to be a Commerce graduate or post graduate or any other graduate or post graduate with a minimum percentage of 55 or 60 respectively.
  • You have cleared intermediate level exam of ICWAI or ICSI.

Procedure for Becoming a CA After Completing 12th

If you seriously want to pursue the course of Chartered Accountancy in India then here are the steps to follow:

After Clearing 10th: Start CA via CPT

  • Just after passing 10th exams, register with ICAI and enroll for CPT i.e. Common Proficiency Test.
  • This exam is conducted after taking 12th standard exams.
  • CPT is conducted twice every year i.e. in the month of June and December.
  • There are 4 subjects at this stage.
  • The course is similar to what you study in 10th and 12th.
  • 50% score is needed to clear CPT
  • There is negative marking for every wrong answer.

Proceed with IPCC

Integrated Professional Competence Course is the next target to achieve.

  • To be able to register for IPCC, passing in 12th exam and CPT is a must.
  • Registration for the same has to be done 9 months prior to the date of examination.
  • There are 7 subjects at this stage.
  • The course is very vast and it is a difficult stage to clear.
  • There are two groups of subjects. Group 1 has 4 subjects and Group 2 has 3 papers.
  • It is a stage of 700 marks and you are required to score at least 40 marks in each of the subject individually, summing to 50% or above in aggregation.
  • Scoring more than 60 marks in any of the subject comes as a bonus to you as you get an exemption in case you fail in any of the subjects, you are not required to repeat that subject in your next attempt.

Head for Articleship Training

After successfully clearing all the 7 subjects, you can now proceed with Articleship training.

  • To start with the training, the candidate should clear at least Group1 of IPCE along with completing 100 hours of ITT.
  • The duration of this training is 3 years.
  • The training goes on simultaneously with the Final CA exams.
  • The training requires you to work under a CA of your choice for 3 years.
  • It is a practical exposure to the industry and offers you with great opportunities to learn more about your profession.
  • The candidate is also entitled for stipend during this training.

Final Step: CA Final Course

This is the final stage for becoming a Chartered Accountant.

  • A candidate is eligible for writing a CA final examination if he or she has completed at least 2.5 years of articleship training.
  • Also the candidate has cleared both groups of IPCE.
  • There are two groups, each with 4 subjects.
  • The candidate has to have minimum 40% in each subject and aggregate 50% to clear CA final.

If you wish to pursue CA after completing 12th standard then you must keep in mind these steps which will be the stepping stone towards becoming a Chartered Accountant in India.

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How to Become a CA (Chartered Accountant) in India

Becoming a Chartered Accountant is definitely a dream for every Commerce student in India but only very few of them have the potential for it. This is because it is a difficult course which demands consistent efforts and hard work to become a CA.

If you are planning to pursue Chartered Accountant after 10th, 12th or you are wondering how to become a Chartered Accountant after graduation, then this article is for you. Find out everything you need to know about how to become a successful chartered accountant in India.

Becoming a CA in India

We have come up with a comprehensive guide on becoming a Chartered Accountant in India.

Step I: CA Foundation

Right after your 12th, you have to appear for CA Foundation which is the test to enter into the world of accountancy. This exam is called CPT.

  • You can either sit for it in the month of June or in December and accordingly register for it on ICAI website.
  • There are 4 subjects in the syllabus and the course is very much similar to what you have studied in your 11th and 12th standard in Commerce stream.
  • Principle and Practices of Accounting; Mercantile Law and General English; Business Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and Statistics and Business Economics & Business and Commercial Knowledge.
  • These tests will be partially objective ad partially subjective in nature. First two will be subjective and next two will be objective.
  • You are allowed to use 12 digits calculator in the exam which makes calculations easier and faster.

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Step II: CA Intermediate

This is also called IPCC. Once you have cleared the foundation, you are eligible for appearing for intermediate. This is a difficult level and demands working harder and studying longer.

  • Once the result for the foundation is declared, there is a gap of 9 months for intermediate exams.
  • The syllabus is huge which makes it difficult to crack.
  • There are two groups, each with 7 subjects.
  • Both the groups can be taken together and also separately.
  • You have to balance the coaching with self-studies to clear it.
  • Modules offered by ICAI are extremely important as they help you know the pattern of the paper.
  • Write as many mock tests as possible.
  • Revision is a must and not just once but a couple of times. Make sure that you complete all your course within 5-6 months so that you have 2-3 months to keep revising everything.

Step III: Articleship Training

One you have also cleared CA Intermediate, you are all ready for Articleship Training if you are also done with ITT and OT Program. The duration of Articleship is 3 years in which you have to undergo training under a CA of your choice. You are eligible to write your exam only after completing Articleship for 2.5 years.

For both the groups:

  • All those who have sat for the two groups of intermediate must also complete IT training of 100 hours when the result is awaited.
  • Likewise, also complete the OT program in this period.

For single group:

  • The candidates must start preparing for the other group.
  • Articleship and next group along with office can get very difficult to manage.
  • You are advised to complete the intermediate before going for Articleship Training.

Step IV: CA Final

If you have cleared all the stages, you are finally on the last step which is surely not an easy one.

  • You can sit for CA final once you have also done with GMCS and Advanced ITT.
  • Managing office with studies is really difficult and that is the reason for low passing out rate.
  • It is a good idea to complete the coaching first and then go for the training so that you can simultaneously revise your course as well.

These are different stages one has to cross before finally becoming a Chartered Accountant in India.

What is the CA qualification?

Chartered Accountant qualification is about clearing all the stages of CA examination mentioned above. If you manage to pass through every stage with flying colours then you are a CA.

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Congratulations Wishes for Chartered Accountant – CA Messages

It is surely a celebration time if someone has successful cleared the exams for Chartered Accountant. Make it a glorious celebration with passing exam quotes and congratulation quotes for good results, success. Share congratulation messages for Chartered Accountant to wish them success in their future endeavours.

We have a wonderful collection of best Congratulation wishes for Chartered Accountants and congratulations Chartered Accountant messages. Send these best wishes for exam success to someone who has just become a CA around you.

Congratulations Message for Becoming Chartered Accountant

“Nothing else feels better when your hard work pays you well…. A warm congratulations to you on successfully passing your exams for Chartered Accountant.”

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Congratulations Wishes for Chartered Accountant

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“Each and every hour that you invested in your studies has paid off….. Congratulations on passing Chartered Accountant exams with flying colours.”

“In the start it looked tough but in the end, you made it possible with your persistence and patience…. Congratulations on your success.”

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Congratulations for Passing Exam Quotes Messages and Wishes

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Congratulations Quotes for Good Results

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Happy CA Day 2019 Wishes Messages – Chartered Accountant Quotes

On July 1st, 1949, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India was founded which is the second largest professional body for finance and accounts in the world. Every year this ICAI Foundation Day is celebrated as CA Day. The day to share CA Day messages, Chartered accountant quotes images and birthday wishes for CA students with all the CAs around you. Use the best CA Day 2019 wishes and quotes on CA Day to instill new energy in Chartered Accountants to work harder.

The collection of Happy CA Day wishes, Chartered Accountant Congratulations Wishes and CA quotes for WhatsApp status. Inspiring CA Day wishes messages, WhatsApp DP for CA students to wish CAs on this significant day.

Happy CA Day Messages

  1. It is easy to get into CA but it is extremely difficult to pass the exams and qualify as CA…. Best wishes on CA Day to all the Chartered Accountants.
  2. Chartered Accountants are the ones who create economies, create finances to rely on, create opportunities to grow….. Best wishes on CA Day to the CAs.
  3. It is truly an honour to be a CA because you are in some way contributing to strengthen the economy of your country….. Happy CA Day!!!
  4. On the occasion of CA Day, I am sending you best wishes to the hard working, inspiring Chartered Accountants who make every penny count.
  5. Let us celebrate CA Day with great zeal because we are the second largest professional institution of finance and accounts….. Congratulations to all the CAs.

Best Wishes for CA Day 2019

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  3. Without CAs, no company can function, no business can grow, no country can prosper…. Cheers to all the Chartered Accountants on CA Day 2019.
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Chartered Accountant Quotes Images

  1. Economy may look tricky to the common man but for a CA, it is a simple mathematical equation…. Cheers to CA and best wishes on CA Day.
  2. On CA Day, let us honour all the Chartered Accountants who put their heart, soul and sweat into their studies to become a CA.
  3. Nothing good comes easy and life and therefore, it is not easy to become a CA….. Best wishes on CA Day to all those who have successfully become Chartered Accountants.
  4. Finance, numbers, money…. They are not so easy for a normal person but for CA, they are the butter and bread…. Happy CA Day to CAs.
  5. Constant hard work, focus, commitment and dedication are the ingredients that go into making a Chartered Accountant.