Shipping Bill for Export of Duty Free Goods Ex-Bond PDF Format

Goods that are exported from a domestic country to any country have to pay Export duty. If the goods are exported by air or by sea, a shipping bill of export has to be submitted by the exporter in a specified format giving the required details mentioned in the free shipping bill scheme. This form is applicable for the export of duty free goods (ex-bond). This shipping bill for export of duty free goods is available online in PDF format. Shipping bill is an important document required by the customs authority to allow shipment of goods. Shipping bill is prepared by the exporter and the following details have to be given by the exporter:

  • The name of the vessel
  • Name of the port of discharge
  • Name of the destination country
  • Exporter’s name and address
  • Packages details like numbers, quantity, details about each case, FOB price, the total number of packages with the weight and value and the name and address of the importer.

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