Letter Reminding Recipient of Overdue Bills

Businesses undergo various problems and situations. Out of these problems, one of the most common problems which almost every business suffers is that of overdue bills. It often happens that your customers and clients delay the payments way beyond the credit limits. In order to control this problem and receive payments on time, you must learn to write reminder letters to recipients of overdue bills asking them to make the payments.

Know how to write these reminder letters by using the sample given below which is the best way to inform the customer about the overdue bills and asking them in a pleasant manner to make the payments at earliest. Use these formal templates in a personalized way to create your own letters.

Sample Letter Reminding Recipient of Overdue Bills

James Technology,

567 Park Street


Date: 10th July, 2014


Leisure Hotels
B 15 6th Block
Jackson Street

Dear Sir,


We wish to remind you again that three of your bills still stand due with us. These bills amount to be a total of $ 9560.00. The details of these bills are state below:

Invoice No. 045 Dated: 28.01.14 Amount: $ 550

Invoice No. 098 Dated: 13.02.14 Amount: $ 6160

Invoice No. 056 Dated: 02.04.14 Amount: $ 2850

All these bills are way past the 60-day credit cycle that we have allowed you. I request you to please send us the payment for these bills immediately.

Please ignore this letter if you have already sent the payment.

Thank you.

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