Letter to Supplier for Invoice or Billing Errors

If the invoice that you have received from your supplier has some kind of error in it then you can always ask for a revised invoice by writing a formal letter to supplier for wrong billing. You can use invoice correction letter format or sample letter for disputing billing errors for the same.

Given below is a formally drafted complaint sample letter to Supplier for Invoice or Billing Error. Use this sample format for wrong billing to supplier to create a customized letter.

Invoice Correction Letter Template to Supplier

Date: 07.01.2019


The Accounts Manager

ABC Wellness Products

New Delhi

Sub: Wrong Bill Received- Request for Revised Invoice

Dear Sir,


I am writing this letter to bring to your notice that the last invoice that we have received from your side contains some errors that need to be rectified. The details of the invoice and the errors have been mentioned below. I request you to please look into the issue and resolve it by sending a revised invoice for the same.

Invoice No. RHS123 dated on 04.01.2019 (with Purchase No: 18526 dated 13.01.2019)

The order was placed for 1000 kgs of Indian Gooseberry and the same has been received at our end but the invoice has been created for 1006 kgs. The purchase order also contains 1000 kgs as the entry but in the final invoice, the quantity changes to 1006 Kgs.

It is a humble request to you to please look into this error and have it rectified. You can see that this error is genuine and is a matter of typing error. I, therefore, request you to please send us the revised bill so that the payment for the same can be processed. Moreover, I expect that your team will be extra careful with generating invoices the next time.

Thank you for understanding and cooperating


Raman Mehta

Awesome Health and Wellness


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