Letter to Recommendation Someone for a Job at Accounting firm

A recommendation letter means a lot. It is a way of recommending someone for a particular job because of the qualification or experience the person possesses. The letter to recommend someone for a job at accounting firm is a short and precise letter that is written with an intention to recommend and therefore, must include the highlights of the experience and qualification of that person.

We have come up with a sample Accountant Reference Letter. You can use the Letter of Recommendation for Accounting Jobs as a template for creating your own with ease.

Letter Format of Recommendation For Someone for Accounting Firm Job


Richard Smith

54, New Lane Road


Date: May 02, 2022


Mr. Andrew Gibbs

HR Manager

Ace Accounting Ltd.


Dear Mr. Andrew,

I am writing this letter of recommendation for a young man, John Blue, who has applied for the post of Accounting Team Lead at your esteemed accounting firm. Robert has worked under me as a Junior Accounting Executive for a period of two year.

I would like to share with you that he is a dedicated and hard working individual. Within such a small duration, he excelled in his job and has given some impressive results to the company. He is an amazing team player and knows his job very well. That’s the reason he was promoted to Senior Accounting Officer within a span of one year.

John has always been a focused and committed soul. He always puts his work before everything else and his understanding of accounts is truly impeccable. May be this is because he has been a university topper in this college.

I truly honor his experience and his abilities and therefore, I feel that with right guidance, he has the potential to shine bright. By hiring John, you will be making a good decision.

Thanking you.


Richard Smith

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