Apology Letter by Employee to Accounts Department – Sample Format

Sometimes it happens that end up making mistakes and if there is a mistake that has happened at work and it involves Accounts department then you must write an Apology Letter to Accounts Department in order to submit a written apology. Make sure that while following the apology letter format or example, you briefly mention the mistake that happened along with the reason which led to it in order to bring clarity in the situation.

This post includes the sample Apology Letter by Employee to Accounts Department. You can use this Apology Letter Template to Accounts Department for creating a personalized letter.

Sample Apology Letter to Employee for Accounts Department


Bob Smith

54, Richmond Street


Date: October 30, 2021


Mr. Zen Reynolds

Accounts Manager

Zenith Technologies


Sub: Apology letter for accounting mistake

Dear Mr. Zen,

I, Bob Smith, employee ID 5487, am working as Marketing Executive in your esteem organization. I am writing this letter to submit my sincere apologies for the error that has occurred in the bills that I had submitted.

As per the bills, I am entitled for a reimbursement of $128 for the tour to New York city in the month of September 2021 but by mistake, the amount that has been submitted in the papers is $218. I would like to mention that this is because of the typing error that the digits got swapped and the wrong figure got submitted.

I have attached the revised form for reimbursement with the letter. I will make sure that such kind of mistake does not get repeated as I will be double checking any document submitted for reimbursement to the department.

I hope you will understand the situation and will have the request processed. I apologize for the trouble caused to you.

Thanking you for your patience and consideration.


Bob Smith

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