Sample Letter to Bank for Credit Card Replacement

It happens sometimes that you have either lost your credit card or it needs to be renewed and in order to keep your transactions in place, you need to have it replaced with a new card. If you also have come across such a situation then you must write a formal letter to the bank requesting credit card replacement from the manager.

Given below is the template sample of letter to bank for credit card replacement. You must include the reason because of which you are requesting the replacement and provide necessary details so that your request can be processed without any problem. This letter has to be short and specific.

Sample letter to bank for Credit card replacement

Andrew Cullen

123 Prospect Ave, Apt 111

Ph: 123-456-78

Date: 18th November, 2015

John Smith
Bank Manager
ABC Bank Pvt. Ltd.
123 Park Avenue

Sub: Request for credit card replacement

Respected Sir,

The purpose of writing this letter is to apply for the replacement of my credit card. I have been using it from last 6 years and because of prolonged usage it is no more in a condition to be used. I would also like to bring to your notice that all the payments and charges on this card have been made clear and now I am eligible for the new kinds of credit card issued by your bank.

Here are the details of my credit card:

Accountholder’s Name: Andrew Cullen

Account number: 123456

Credit card number: 123 456 789 222

I happen to read an advertisement of your bank for the new credit card recently which offers many benefits on online shopping. I am keen on availing that particular the offer for my future transactions using the credit card. As this offer is not valid on the older credits cards, therefore I would like to have my old card replaced with the new one.

I would also like to mention that the validity of my old card ends this month. Please find my old card enclosed with this letter along with all the documents that are required for issuing a new credit card. In case you need any more documents from my end, then please feel free to contact me on my registered phone number. I would request you to process this application at the earliest so that I can manage my transactions smoothly.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Cullen


  • Credit Card
  • Documents for Identification

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