Sample Thank You Letter For Donation Of Goods

If you have been offered any kind of help in form of donation then writing a donor thank you letter becomes important. A thank you letter for donation of goods or money is a must write as it expresses your gratitude towards the donor. There are different kinds of sample thank you letters for donation which can be referred to create your own letters.

In this post, we bring a sample thank you letter for donation of goods. You can use this thank you letter for donation template to draft your personalized letter.

Sample Thank you Letter for Donation of Goods


Mr. Clayson Gamble
1216 Cottonwood Lane
Nashville, TN 37203

Date: August 29th, 2020


James L. Mendoza
Infinity Threads Ltd.
Bridgeville, PA 15017

Dear Mr. Clayson Gamble,

On behalf of Fall-Hamilton Elementary School, I would like to thank Infinity Threads Ltd. for donating our school with five computers. We are very thankful to your company for providing us with computers which will help us provide our students with technical education, which is a must in present times.

Fall-Hamilton Elementary School is an initiative by our NGO named Shiksha and aims at providing education to all those children whose parents are unable to enroll them in schools. Our school has classes up to standard V. Considering the present times, we understand the importance of learning computers for students and that’s why we have recently constructed a computer lab but until now we had just two computers which were donated by some other generous donor like you. And now with your kind support, we will have seven computers in our lab which will help us teach computers to our students.

We would again like to extend a warm thank you to your company for helping us and our students.


Mr. Clayson Gamble
Fall-Hamilton Elementary School

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