Small Claims Court Demand Letter Format & Example

Small claims demand letter is a kind of formal letter that is written with an intention to request for payment that is supposed to be sent before the case is brought to the Small Claims court. Usually, this formal demand letter has the demand that needs to be fulfilled for resolving the dispute or else the matter will be taken to the court.

If you have no idea about drafting such a letter then you can always use the small claims court demand sample that has been shared below for creating a personalized letter that fits well into your situation.

Format for Small Claims Court Demand Letter


Ana Smith

45, Richmond Street

New York

Date: Aug 7, 2023


Mr. Henry Black

88, Gibson Apartments


Dear Mr. Henry,

This letter is a formal demand for the payment of $ 685, the total cost that was incurred on repairing the damages that you had caused to my yatch on June 10th, 2023.

It was on this day that I had lent to my yatch for your party against a payment of $ 500 for one evening and the condition that you will take complete responsibility if any damages take place while using the yatch. When you returned me the yatch, I found out that on the right side of the yatch there was a serious damage as if it was banged against some other surface. As a result, there is a probability of water coming inside and further damaging the yatch.

Find attached with this letter, the repair estimate of the damages for your reference. I have made couple of attempts to get in touch with you in order to have this matter resolved by writing to you on June 12th, 2023 and then again on June 20th, 2023 but there has been no response from your side.

If I do not receive the complete payment of $ 685 by August 5th, 2023 then I will be compelled to file the claim of the same in the California Small Claims Court to have the matter settled legally.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Ana Smith

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