Sample Letter Format for Legal Separation of Business

Sometimes partners have to separate their businesses because of different reason and in such a situation, it is important to inform the clients and other associates about it by writing a formal letter about it.

This post includes a Simple Separation Agreement Template. You can use this formal Sample Letter for Legal Separation of Business in order to create your own letter with ease.

Format For Legal Separation of Business

Date: March 30th, 2023


The Court of Law

New York

Sub: Regarding Legal Separation of Business

Respected Sir,

It was in the month of January 2018, I started a travel company in the name of M/s New Age Travellers with my cousin, Mr. Henry Smith. With both of our efforts and hard work, the business was giving us good profits and that’s why we decided to come with another office in California after setting up one in New York.

At present, I am managing the New York office and my cousin is taking care of the California office that we have started recently because it is impossible for both of us to manage both the offices at the same time. But what is posing us a challenge is that there are certain documents like the bank cheques etc. which require the signatures of both of us and this is turning out to be difficult for us as one of us is at a different location at a given point of time.

Keeping in mind our present situation, both of us have decided that in order to manage things better, we are going to legally separate both the offices which means one office will be under my name and the other one will be under the name of my cousin so that we can manage the setups individually and in a better way. For the same, all the required documents have been attached with the mail and you are request to please have the paperwork completed at the earliest.

We both will be extremely thankful to you if you are going to consider the nature of our issue and will have the procedure completed as soon as possible.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Jacob Black

Managing Director

New Age Travellers

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