Sample letter opposing the Development Bill

If you wish to voice your concerns or put forward your grievances to the government officials then you can always write government letters that help you communicate with the government in a formal manner.

In this post, we have come up with a format for letter opposing the development bill if you wish to voice your opinion against one of the development bills of the government. Follow this sample letter and create your own letter which must include your concern along with the reasons for that concern.

Format for Letter Opposing the Development Bill


Richard Smith

54, Hillary Apartments

New York

Date: December 15, 2023


The Officer

City Development Authority

New York

Sub: Regarding the recent development bill.

Dear Sir/ Ma’am,

I, Richard Smith, am writing this letter in order to express my disagreement with the Development Bill that is under the discussion with the government concerning construction of mall at City Centre Park.

I am a resident at Hillary Apartments which is located in the vicinity of City Centre Park. This park is one of the most beautiful and breathable green patches in this area. This park serves as the playground for my kids as well as hundreds of other kids who stay in the proximity of this park. In fact, many senior citizens visit the park every day for morning walks and evening walks.

I strongly feel that we must make efforts to protect this park for various reasons. It is a green patch in the concrete jungle and it is also a place for people in the society to meet, interact and stay healthy. It is truly in favor of the city and environment to protect this park and do not lend this land for construction of a mall.

Thanking you.

Richard Smith

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