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Before GST format came in picture, there were different taxpayers registered under different kinds of indirect tax laws. But now as per the norms of GST, any supplier with a total turnover of above Rs.20 lakh is required to register under GST. Moreover, there are certain kinds of suppliers who have to register themselves under GST no matter what their turnover is. Irrespective of these different norms, suppliers can surrender GST registration by initiating GST cancellation process. To Cancel GST Registration, they need to follow a certain procedure which has been discussed in this post for Cancellation of GST Registration.

Types of Cancellation of GST Registration in India

There are two kinds of Cancellation of GST Registration in the country:

  • Cancellation of GST Registration by the Proper Officer,
  • Cancellation of GST Registration by the registered person.

Reasons to Cancel GST Registration

There has to be a reason behind cancelling GST registration. Here are the reasons under which you can initiate the GST cancellation process in India:

  • In case of discontinuance of the business
  • In case the business no longer needs to be registered under GST
  • In case the business has been sold or transferred to a different entity

How to Activate Cancelled GST Registration

Here is the procedure for Cancellation of GST Registration:

  • Apply for online cancellation of GST on the GST common portal.
  • The application for cancellation should be submitted within a span of 30 days from the date on which the event occurred for cancelling GST registration.
  • Details on stock held on that date, information on credit reversal, payment details and dues will be required.
  • After submission of application for cancellation, it will be reviewed by Proper Officer.
  • If there are no flaws in your application and the officer is satisfied, you will have your GST registration cancelled within 30 days from the date when cancellation was applied.

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