Formal Authorization Letter for Signing Authority to Bank

Authorization letter is a formal letter written in order to give someone else the authority to act on behalf. There are authorization letters for different purposes like for collecting documents, for processing the documents or for signing the papers etc. Writing authorization letter to bank for signing authority is a formal way of informing the bank about authorizing someone else to sign on your behalf.

Here is a sample format for authorization letter addressing the bank manager in context of signing authority. This is a simple letter format which can be customized as per your requirement.

Points to Keep in Mind in an Authorization Letter

  • Keep it simple and short
  • Include the purpose with clarity
  • Include contact details for further clarification
  • Address it to the right person

Sample Authorization Letter for Signing Authority to Bank

Ramesh Gupta

6/42 Sec 3, Jawahar Nagar


Date: 28.01.17


The Bank Manager

State Bank of India,

Jawahar Nagar, Delhi

Sub: Authorization Letter for Signing Authority

Dear Sir,

This is an authorization letter authorizing my son, Mr. Suresh Gupta to be signing authority on all my bank related documents from today till 10th February, 2017.

I would like to inform you that I am going out on a holiday with my wife to USA for this duration and therefore, I will not be present here to sign the documents for my company’s bank account with your prestigious bank.

In case, you require any further details in context of this authorization letter, please feel free to write to me at [email protected]. You may also call me at 9898981111 as my India number will be functional.


Ramesh Gupta

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