Letter Refusing To Give More Discounts

You will always have customers asking for more and more discounts when you will be running a big business. But it is not always in the strength of the organization to offer additional discounts to their customers. You must make sure that you put forward your constraints and limitations in a formal letter refusing to give more discounts. Given below is an example of the letter which you can use for reference. Draft a personalized letter addressed to your customers seeking more offs on their purchases in a sweet and short manner. Do state the reason because of which you cannot take this step and also give them a hope for discounts in future.

Sample Format for Letter Refusing To Give More Discounts


Techno Computers
B 15 6th Block
Jackson Street

Date: 27rd October, 2014


Arnold James

James Technology

567 Park Street


Dear Mr. James,


We have received your letter requesting for more discount on your purchases. I would like to inform you that we will not be able to comply with your request for more discounts.

We actually discussed your request at our board meeting yesterday and it was concluded on a common consensus that at present we are not ready to give any additional discount to anyone. This is so because we offer the best prices in the markets and hence we cannot afford to provide any more discounts to any of our customers.

We can hope to provide you some more discounts with the advent of the New Year as we are setting up a new manufacturing arm which will start to operate next year and we will be able to give you more discounts on the manufactured items. You will be informed about it when the time comes.

Thank you.

June George

Managing Director

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