Tax Clearance Letter Sample

It is important to clear your taxes before winding up your business. To do that, you must learn to write a profession tax clearance letter asking all possible information on the clearance procedure so that you can have the clearance certificate stating that your company doesn’t have any dues or owes anything to anyone.

Use the template given below to draft a simple formal tax clearance letter which uses all important information that you might want to know. Use this sample as a base for creating your personalized letter asking the department to help you with the proceedings so that you can wind up your company without any dues.

Sample Format of Tax Clearance Letter


Unique Crockery Stores

22nd Bridge Kennedy


3rd July, 2014


Marry June
Tax Manager
Tax department
New York

Subject: Tax clearance letter

Respected Ma’am,

This is in context with the tax clearance of my firm Unique Crockery Store. As I mentioned on the phone, I am planning to wind up my company in the near future and to do the same I would want you to please provide me all possible information about tax clearance forms and statements. I also request you to please tell me that how can I get my tax clearance form and certificate which states that my company does not owe any taxes.

The purpose of writing this letter to know about the specific procedure of the tax clearance proceedings and also about the approximate time within which all the formalities of clearing the taxes and claims my company will take.

Our company needs the tax clearance form so that we can clear all the pending dues along with the taxes at the earliest. I also request you to please send a copy of the taxes that our company owes and needs to pay to your department.

I would request you to please inform me about the process at your earliest convenience so that the formalities can be completed at the earliest. For future proceedings, you can contact me at 023-56897413.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

George Smith


Unique Crockery Store

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