Letter to Confirm the Cancellation of Lost Blank Checks

A letter to confirm the cancellation of lost blank cheques is written to the bank as a follow up to the request you made previously about cancelling the lost blank cheques. The letter should include important information like the account number, account holders’ names and other relevant instructions.

In this post are samples of letter to confirm the cancellation of lost blank cheques, letter informing bank of lost blank cheques, cheque cancellation letter format and blank cheque lost letter.

Sample Letter to Confirm the Cancellation of Lost Blank Cheque

Mr. Rob Stan

45, Elite Road,

California, United States of America

Date: August 23, 2022

The Manager

World Bank

California, United States of America

Subject: Confirming the cancellation of lost bank Cheques

Dear Sir,

This letter is a follow up to comply with my request that I had sent you as a written statement notifying the bank that I lost my cheque book which had a total of 15 blank cheques.

The account is a join account held in the name of Mr. Rob Stan and Mrs. Ryia Stan. The account number is 123-456-789.

Please send me a confirmation that the bank has completed processing the missing cheques and that no payment will be forwarded out for transactions made using them.

I will appreciate your fast action in the matter.

Thank you.


Mr. Rob Stan

+1 (123) 456789

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