Declaration Letter Format for Courier – Sample, Template

Sometimes you are required to write a declaration letter to the courier company in order to ensure that contents in your parcel are of non hazardous nature as well as confirm the commercial value of the contents of the parcel. This Declaration Letter to Courier Service is a very simple letter that must include the name and address of the sender as well as the tracking number of the parcel.

To help you write your own letter, we have come up with a Courier Declaration Letter Format. You can just use this Courier Letter Format for writing a letter on your own with ease.

Format for Declaration Letter for Courier


Richard Brown

54, Henry Villas

New York

Date: 4th May, 2023


The Manger,

A to Z Courier Company

New York

Sub: Declaration letter

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I, Richard Brown, residing at 54, Henry Villas, New York, am writing this letter to confirm that the parcel that I am sending to Ms. Samantha Ray, residing at A-23, Sunrise Apartments, California, through your courier service, having the tracking id 123456 does not contain any dangerous, prohibited or hazardous items in it and it does not have any commercial value to it.

I would also like to confirm that the details mentioned above are true and I will take responsibility of any kind of misinterpretation.

Thanking you.


Richard Brown

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