Letter Enclosing Cheque for Insurance

To make payments for insurance, you must send cheques to the insurance company so that your policy doesn’t lapse. To do that, you must enclose these payment cheques with a formal letter stating all the important information like the cheque numbers, the amount and the name of the person. Use the template of letter enclosing cheques for insurance given below to frame a customized letter for your personal us. Mention all the details as mentioned in the example given below for your help.

Format for Letter of Enclosing Cheques for Insurance


Jackie Bounce

22 B Block

Swedish Apartments


Date: 20rd September, 2014


Harry William

New Life Insurance Company

52nd Harold Street

New York

Subject: Regarding cheques for insurance

Dear Sir,

As asked by you, I am enclosing four cheques towards life insurance of my wife, my daughter, my son and myself. The details of the cheques are given below:

  1. Cheque No. 1234 for US $ 500 Jack Bounce
  2. Cheque No . 1235 for US $ 400 Mrs. Angelina Bounce
  3. Cheque No. 1236 for US $ 350 Ms. Kelly Bounce
  4. Cheque No. 1237 for US $ 350 Master Tom Bounce

Please send receipts and insurance policies for the same for my record.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Jackie Bounce

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