Sample Letter of Acknowledgement Receipt of Payment / Money

An acknowledgment letter of receipt of payment / money is a cognizance of receival of the payment made by the client. This acknowledgment can be used as a submit fee or paid cheque for any personal or official purposes. The letter includes the account’s status and terms of future credit. In this post are samples of letter acknowledging the receipt of a payment, sample letter to acknowledge a payment received and acknowledgment letter for receipt of money.

Acknowledgement Letter for Receipt of Money/ Payment

Cookbook Limited

45, Industrial Area,

California, United States of America

Date: August 16, 2022

Haywire LLC

89, Up Town Colony,

California, United States of America

Subject: Letter acknowledging the receipt of the payment

Dear Sir/ Madam,

The payment of $50,000 made by the account of Haywire LLC was duly received and posted to the account today. The credit car is fully functional again with all the spending privileges been resumed.

Get in touch with us on our toll free number +1 (123) 259876 in case of any queries. We are at service for all our customers.


The Manager

Cookbook Limited

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