Letter Requesting For A New Cheque Book

There are numerous financial transactions that take place at an individual level and at corporate levels. And the best way to make these transactions and payments is through cheques. From time to time, you need new cheque books to make these payments. Learn to write a simple and formal letter requesting the bank to issue a new cheque book.

Use the template given below which guides you to write a professional letter asking for issuing a new cheque book. Do not forget to attach the cheque book request slip with the letter. Make sure it contains all the necessary information.

Sample  Letter of Requesting For A New Cheque Book


Aristocrat Antiques

52 3rd Block

Richmond Street

New York

2nd July, 2014


The Manager,

National Bank,

1234 Park Avenue

New York

Dear Sir,


I request you to please issue a new cheque book to the bearer of this letter who is my chief accountant, Mr. John Sawyer (IC No. 120567-03-5412). I have also enclosed the completely filled cheque book request slip which is also signed and stamped as per the rules.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Henry Thomas


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