Application Letter for Business Loan to Bank Manager

If you want to apply for business loan with your bank to start with a new business or expand the present one then writing a loan application is a must. There are various reasons for which a business might need the loan and those reasons must be started in the application to give clarity to your application. Writing a formal business loan application is not a very difficult thing but still to help you frame an impeccable application, we have come up with the sample below.

Have a look at this business loan application letter to bank manage to create a personalized application with ease.

Sample Letter Format for Business Loan Application to Bank Manager


Rajeev Misra


Weston Computer Hardware Company

52, 4th Floor, 5 Wallace Street

Mumbai (India)

Date: 09.05.2018


Atul Kumar

Branch Manager

City Bank

Mumbai (India)

Sub: Loan Application

Dear Sir,

Our company maintains a Cash Credit account with your esteem bank from last seven years. It has been a wonderful association for all these years. I would like to submit my request for business loan for my business as we are planning to expand.

Our company has been in the computer hardware industry from last 13 years and we are constantly growing. And we feel it is the right time to expand our business to grab more opportunities and meet our growth targets. And for this we are in need of finance. We are in requirement of at least an amount of INR 30,00000.  Therefore, we request you to kindly approve out loan application so that we can comfortably expand our business. We assure you that all the repayments will be made as per your bank’s policy.

Thanks for considering our application. Please inform us what all documents are required to initiate the process so that we can avail the loan at the earliest.


Rajeev Misra


Weston Computer Hardware Company

Click here to download Application Letter for Business Loan to Bank Manager in Word Format

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