Purchase Order Acknowledgement Sample Letter Template

Whenever an individual or a company makes a purchase, writing an Acknowledgment Letter For A Purchase Order is highly recommended. The purpose of writing such kind of acknowledgement letter is to inform the buyer of the purchases that have been initiated by them. The acknowledgement letter format is written so that the dispatch of the purchase can be made once the payment is initiated.

You can use the Purchase Order Acknowledgement Sample Letter which has been shared in this post. You can use this acknowledgement letter sample for creating your own purchase order acknowledge letter with much ease.

Acknowledgement Letter Template for Purchase Order


Richard Brown


Zenith Technologies

New York

Date: 09.09.22


Mr. Andrew Jose


New Age Hardware

New York

Sub: Acknowledgement of purchase order.

Dear Mr. Andrew,

We are pleased to receive a purchase order from your company on our website www.xyz.com. We are extremely thankful to you for shopping with us and we promise to offer you a pleasant and hassle-free experience with our company.

Here are the list of products that you have ordered on www.xyz.com:

  1. Product Name: HP 15inch Laptops

Product Code: IS-789

Brand: HP

Price: $7525

Pieces: 10

  • Product Name: Toshiba 15inch Laptops

Product Code: IB-236

Brand: Toshiba

Price: $8125

Pieces: 10

Total Price: $156500

Your order is ready to ship and once we have received the payment from you, your order will get dispatched from our end. You can initiate the payment to our bank account, the details of which have been shared below, or you can send us a check in the name of “Zenith Technologies”.

Bank Details:

Account Name: Zenith Technologies

Account No.: 894565

Bank Name: New Era Bank


Please inform us once the payment has been initiated from your end so that we can have the order shipped immediately.

Thanking you.


Richard Brown


Zenith Technologies

New York

Download Acknowledgement Letter Template for Purchase Order in Word Format

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