Affidavit Format for Loss of Vehicle Ownership Certificate

In case you have lost the vehicle ownership certificate then you must use the affidavit format for loss of vehicle ownership certificate. This sample template includes a swearing in statement for declaring that you have lost the ownership of the vehicle certificate and it also includes all the details in relation with the owner of the vehicle.

This post includes a formal affidavit format for lost certificate which can be customized and used to suit your purpose.

Format for Affidavit For Loss Of Vehicle Ownership Certificate

Dear Sir,

I, Andrew Smith, resident of B 409, New Homes Society, California, am a registered owner of vehicle number CAL 1234. I am writing this letter to inform the concerned authorities that I have found out that I have lost the vehicle ownership certificate of the above mentioned vehicle while shifting my house in the month of May 2021.

I am aware that vehicle ownership certificate is an important document and losing it can lead to serious issues. Therefore, I want to declare that during the process of shifting to my new house, I have lost the certificate. I came to know about the situation when I was asked to prove my ownership but I could not find it anywhere because I had already lost it and as a result I had to face various problems.

As I have now become aware that I have lost this important document, I would like to inform you about the same through this affidavit. Moreover, I also request you to please issue me a new vehicle ownership certificate to avoid any further problems in future. I have already made the fee payments for the same and have attached the receipt with the affidavit.


Andrew Smith

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