Credit Reference Letter Format for a Potential Client

A credit reference letter for a potential client is a formal letter written in a professional and polite manner. The reference should be positive instead of drawing attention to the mistakes if any. The reference should be honest and must present the emotions in the most genuine words. In this post are examples of reference letter format, sample credit reference letter for a client, credit reference letter format and recommendation letter.

Sample Credit Reference Letter for a Potential Client

The Manager

AY Ventures

Texas, United States of America

Date: July 21, 2022

Mr. Yuri G

23, Industrial Area,

Texas, United States of America

Subject: Credit reference letter for a potential client

Mr. Yuri,

This letter is in response to the letter that you had sent us yesterday. We are enclosing the copies of Mr. John Montraie credit history with us for the past six months. Please make sure that these are to be treated with discretion and are only for your reference.

Mr. John has had a balanced credit account with us for the past year. He has been on time with the payments of his accounts with us. In fact, he is mostly there before the due date. We are pleased to say that we definitely recommend him to a potential client.


The Manager

AY Ventures


  1. Copy of the credit history of Mr. John

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