Request Letter for Release of Shipment from Custom Department

If the custom department has confiscated or held your shipment for whatever reasons, you can always write a Letter to Customs Officer to Release Goods/Cargo to formally submit your request. This Request Letter for Release of Shipment from Custom Department is a very simple and sorted letter that must include the important details like the information about the shipment.

In this post, we bring to you a Letter Format for Customs Clearance that can be used for creating a personalized letter. You can use this Goods release Letter format for creating your own letter.

Format for Request Letter for Release of Shipment from Custom Department


Rishabh Goyal


New Age Cosmetics


Date: May 13th, 2023


The Customs Officer

Custom Department


Sub: Regarding custom release of consignment no.123456.

Respected Sir,

I, Rishabh Goyal, would like to request you to kindly release my consignment that I have been informed that it is held by the Customs department of Mumbai. I have been informed by your department that the custom duty on the consignment is due and that is the reason the consignment has been held. As it is my first consignment from abroad and due to lack of knowledge, such a thing has happened.

I have paid the custom fee that was due and attached the same with this letter. Also find attached with this letter all the details about the consignment. I would request you to please have the consignment released as soon as possible as all the formalities now have been completed.

If there are any more documents needed from your end then please let me know.

Looking forward for your cooperation. Thanking you.


Rishabh Goyal

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