Letter About Credit Enquiry

Companies rely on each other to know about the reputation and standing of a new client or company as it is extremely important to know about a company before starting with any kind of business with it so that you can smartly reduce the risks associated with the association. Learn to write formal letters about credit enquiry. This will help you gain authentic information about the company from the present pool of clients and customers of your company.

Here is a template to help write a professional letter about credit enquiry.

Sample Format for Letter about Credit Enquiry

Simon Technologies

1234 Richmond Street

New York

20th August, 2014


Richard Moori

The Manager

Kenmart Computers,

52nd Park Avenue

New York

Dear Mr. Moori,


This is context with the reputation and reliability of Mr. Tom Jack who has listed you as a reference in his application. Mr. Tom Jack of Grand Sports Co. has applied for an account with our company.

We would be pleased if you could give us some information about Mr. Tom Jack’s reputation and reliability. We promise that any information given by you will be held in strict confidence. We would be happy if you could provide us with a reply as at your earliest convenience.

Looking forward for your reply.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew August

General Manager

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