Letter with An Unfavourable Credit Reference

Businesses depend on one another to know about the reputation of different companies. Learn to write formal letters with an unfavorable credit reference. This will help you inform the company that you don’t have any useful information to comment to that person or company. It is a way of making things clear so that the company can look for more sources of information.

Here is a template to help you inform the company which has come up with the need of reference. Use this sample to create a personalized letter with an unfavorable credit reference in a simple yet effective manner.

Sample Format of Letter with An Unfavourable Credit Reference

Simon Technologies

1234 Richmond Street

New York

26th August, 2014


Richard Moori

The Manager

Kenmart Computers,

52nd Park Avenue

New York

Dear Mr. Moori,


This is in response to your enquiry about Virtual Technologies. I don’t think I will be able to provide you any information about the company as I am not much aware of their working and business in the present times. I have not had a chance to have any dealings with them from last two years.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Albert Stewart


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