What are the Reasons for Receiving GST Notices?

The honeymoon period for taxpayers under GST has ended and now strict actions will be taken against those who are not genuine when it comes to filing the GST returns with the department. Now the investigation wing of GST is all gearing up to mark the defaulters and issue notices to them.

There are various reasons because of which one can receive a notice from the department. In this post, we have highlighted different reasons because of which you can receive notices. So stay updated to avoid inviting any such notices and enjoy smooth working of your business.

Why GST Department Sends Notices?

Let us find out why is GST department compelled to send a notice to tax payers:

1. GST Mismatch Notice for Mismatch in Return

If there is any kind of mismatch or difference between different GST returns or there is GST mismatch report then in that case, the department is surely going to send a notice.

  • Discrepancy in GSTR 3B and GSTR 2A

If you are not able to assure that the credit claims made by business are pertaining to the taxes that have been paid by suppliers then in that case you can receive a notice because it is a loss to the government treasury.

  • GST Scrutiny Notices

These notices are issued with a purpose to seek explanation from tax payers for any kind of discrepancies that exist in their GSTR 3B and GSTR 1 of a particular period. The purpose of sending this notice is to ensure that the all the payments of taxed for all the outward supplies have been made.

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2. Not Filing GST Returns on Time

You can invite a notice to yourself from the department if you have failed to file your GST return within the defined time limits. And for being a defaulter, you also attract yourself a penalty which is the interest on your due taxes. Department is getting very strict with timely filing of GST returns and failing to do so can attract a notice.

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3. For Verification of Pre-GST Claims

For all the taxpayers who have made pre-GST claims, the department is sending notices to them in order to have them submit supportive documents which prove their transitional credit claims. For that, the defaulters are suppose to submit their stock statements, copies of their purchase documents along with a copy of Tran 1 return to avoid any action.

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