Solvency Certificate Format by Chartered Accountant

A solvency certificate format by Chartered Accountant is an official document that provides information on the financial stability of a particular person or entity. Issued mostly by CA or bank, this bank solvency certificate sample format is required by commercial officers as well as government to know about the financial position of a person or entity.

In this post, we have shared format of solvency certificate issued by chartered accountant and bank. You can use this Solvency Certificate format in Word doc for creating your own.

Solvency Certificate Format

Solvency Certificate

To Whomsoever It May Concern

We hereby certify that M/s Zenith Medicines Pvt. Ltd. with Lic. No. 123456, having its registered office at 54, Richmond Hills, California; is solvent to the extent of $ 100,000 (One Hundred Thousand Dollars only) based on the documents and records that were submitted to us and the information and explanation that was given to us.

We would like to further notify that this certificate has been issued at the request of M/s Zenith Medicines Pvt. Ltd. without attaching any kind of responsibility or risk on our part either as a guarantor or otherwise.

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