MVAT Confirmation Certificate For Sales Tax

MVAT confirmation certificate is issued by the concerned supplier for giving the detail information regarding the sales tax. The supplier needs to register the name of the company to the department of tax for maintaining the business in a legal way. The content of the form must follow the MVAT Act (Maharastra Value Added Tax Act) and should specify some issues which are needed to get the confirmation certificate from the tax department. The information, which are needed to be mentioned are the TIN number of the supplier, the detail invoice the supplier that includes date, bill no, net amount, tax, transport and many other issues. The MVAT output amount should also be presented in the certificate. To make the data authentic, the company’s seal should be there in the form. If any discrepancy is found in the information, then the concerned company will be responsible for the Tax liability under MVAT Act, 2002.

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