Request Bank To Send Deposit Rates Letter

To get first-hand information on deposit rates in the bank, writing a letter to the concerned bank is the best way to get all the details. It has to be a formal letter requesting the concerned staff at the financial institution to provide the information on deposit rates. This short and crisp letter must contain your contact details on which you want the information along with your query. Keep it polite and simple as there is nothing much to write.

Read through the examples of letters requesting bank to send deposit rates and learn to write your personal request letters in a formal manner.

Sample Request Bank To Send Deposit Rates Letter

July 15, 2014

Paul German
Countryside Bank
1234 Flower Street

Dear Paul German,

I request you to please forward your current interest rates on your savings account and checking accounts to me at the following address:

Williams Mars
Zen Technologies,
5656 Blue Street

Thanking you. Looking forward for the details.


William Mars

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