Letter to Different Branch with Documents for Signature By Customer Enclosed

Whenever there is any official communication, writing a formal letter is the most recommended thing to do. If as the manager of your branch, you have to get some documents signed from a customer of some other branch then you can get this task very well accomplished by enclosing the documents with a formal letter along with the reason or purpose for which you require it. Such letters are very much to the point.

Here is a sample letter to another branch with enclosed documents for signature by a customer which you can use as template to create your own.

Sample Letter to Another Branch for Signature by A Customer


Mr. Ramesh Gupta

Branch Manager

State Bank of India,

Civil Lines,


Date: 20.02.17


Mr. Shubham Sharma

The Bank Manager

State Bank of India,

Jawahar Nagar,


Sub: Regarding Signing of Documents by Customer

Dear Mr. Sharma,

We are sending some guarantor documents enclosed with this letter. We request you to please have them signed from one of the clients of our bank, Mr. Pankaj Bansal, who maintains an account with your branch. His account number is 123-456-789.

Mr. Bansal has agreed to be a guarantor in one of the loan applications with our branch and for that he is required to sign these documents.

We request you to have these documents signed at the earliest and send them back to us so that we can further process the loan application of our client. In case of any query, please feel free to get in touch with me at 8899775566.


Mr. Ramesh Gupta

Branch Manager


  1. Guarantor documents to be signed by Mr. Pankaj Bansal.

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