Letter To Request Correction On Taxes

In case, the taxation department has levied some extra taxes in your return, then you are required toinform them about it. A formal letter with all necessary enclosures like your income tax return and other related documents is good enough to initiate the request. Write pleasant letters requesting the income tax officials for correction of taxes in your return.

Here is a sample of well-drafted professional letter to request correction on taxes. Use this template for writing customized letters to the taxation department.

Sample Letter To Request Correction On Taxes

Mr. Jonathan Christ
North Bridge,

Date: 23.06.14

Ms. Mary Holmes
Mountbatten Group

Dear Ms. Mary Holmes,

The purpose of writing this is to bring to notify your office about the inaccurate computation of my taxes for the last financial year as reflects in my income tax documents. As mentioned in the income tax return I filed, I am a senior citizen and as per the law, I am allowed an exemption of a certain amount which has not been taken into consideration by your office while computing my income tax.

Please find my birth certificate and other required documents attached with the letter for your reference. In case, you have any queries or doubts, please contact me at 0522-982-6453.

Thanking in anticipation. I am looking forward for a quick action on this matter.

Sincerely ,

Jonathan Christ

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