Letter Asking Lawyer to Proceed with Legal Action

If ever you are involved in some kind of legal matters then to proceed with the same, learn to write professional letters asking your lawyer to proceed with a legal action. It is important to inform the lawyer in written about the proceedings so that he can begin the process of legal actions and formalities on your behalf.

Here is a sample for the same which has been created by professionals. It contains all the necessary information that must be included in this formal letter. Use this template to write a customized letter to your lawyer in an effective manner.

Format for Letter Asking Lawyer to Proceed with Legal Action


German Printing Services

124 Jackson Lane

July 5th, 2014


National Legal Advisors

1234 Harbor Lane

Dear Sir,

Thank you for informing me about the current situation with Mr. Hillary Grant of Moon Systems Pvt. Ltd. I request you to please proceed with the legal actions against him as he is still not ready to settle the due payments.

Please keep me informed of the proceedings.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

William Grey
( Manager)

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